Philips SM30 legacy public address system
Case study 2 - SM30 upgrades for Pullmantur Cruises

Pullmantur Cruises is Spain's largest cruise line and one of the most rapidly growing cruise lines in the world. This hugely successful Spanish firm was virtually unknown outside its native country until late 2006 when Royal Caribbean announced that it had purchased the company.

During 2008 Royal Caribbean transferred the "Empress of the Seas" and the "MS Sovereign of the Seas" to the Pullmantur fleet and began a program of planned upgrades to the fleet.

MS Empress
MS Sovereign
The renamed MS Empress and MS Sovereign both had legacy Philips SM30, SQ45 amplifiers and associated equipment installed as the ship's public address and emergency sound system.

Although the SM30 and SQ45 is well known within the industry to be extremely robust and reliable, a planned upgrade to the SOLAS approved Bosch Praesideo was required to take advantage of improved digital technology and changes to safety regulations.

Maintenance of critical components was also becoming an issue as SM30 control equipment and SM30 microphone Callstations had ceased production and spare parts were becoming difficult to locate.

In 2002, Robert Bosch GmbH had acquired Philips Communications and Security Inc (Philips CSI). Continuing its 'evergreen' policy the Bosch Praesideo was developed as the direct replacement and upgrade path for the Philips SM30. It was designed to integrate with existing installed SM30 so that a gradual changeover from SM30 to Praesideo can be achieved without replacing a ship's complete safety and evacuation systems.

This project looked at replacing the SM30 control equipment and custom built SM30 Callstations with two Praesideo NC's (Network Controllers), to provide full redundancy, yet retain the Philips SQ45 amplifiers that power the ships loudspeakers. Minimising disruption and upgrade costs.

The installation of two Praesideo NC's would comply with the latest maritime standards for evacuation at sea and maintain full functionality of the system, in the unlikely event of failure of any single Praesideo NC.


_blank   This case study details how NTE designed, supplied and project managed the installation of Bosch Praesideo emergency sound systems into the MS Empress and the MS Sovereign.

Download the Pullmantur case study here or click on the image opposite.
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