Philips SM30 legacy public address system
Philips SM30 parts list
While the Philips SM30 and its associated parts are no longer manufactured we do offer simple and cost effective Bosch solutions for users wishing to upgrade their SM30 system, see upgrading your SM30.

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Philips SM30 Basic Control Centre LBB 1280/40
The Control Centre and Module Frame houses the various printed circuit boards and plug in modules. The interconnection board includes 12 slots in which the plug-in modules can be fitted.

The Basic Control Centre is delivered with the Line Output Module and the Power Supply Module. All the other modules have to be supplemented in the control centre or module frame in their own pre-designated locations.

The Philips SM30 Basic Control Centre LBB 1280/40 comprises:
- Cabinet
- Display and keyboard
- Microprocessor board
- Interconnection board
- Power supply module
- Line output module

LBB 1280/40 - Philips SM30 Basic Control Centre
LBB 1291/40 - Philips SM30 module frame for extended systems
LBB 1292/00 - Philips SM30 set of slot blanking plates
LBB 1349/30 - Philips SM30 top cover plate for table top use
Philips SM30 Public Address System - datasheet
Philips SM30 Public Address System - user manual

Philips SM30 Call Station
LBB 9568/30 (18 zones) and LBB 9568/36 (36 zones)

The Philips call stations for the SM30 system are desktop units, which present the operator with a logical, comprehensive and easy to use method of routing and transmitting calls, alarms, announcements and music. As an option the call station can also be semi-flush mounted.

Up to 6 standard call stations (LBB9668/30) or 3 extended call stations (LBB 9568/36) can be connected in the maximum configuration of the SM30 system.

LBB 9568/30 - Philips Bosch SM30 call station standard 18 zones
LBB 9568/36- Philips Bosch SM30 call station extended 36 zones

Philips SM30 Call Station Input Module LBB 1283/00
This module allows the choice of either two standard call stations or a single extended call station to be connected to the control centre. The SM30 system will accept up to 3 call station input modules and/or microphone input modules in total.

A standard call station may be connected via a cable with a length of up to 1000 metres, which contains 2 screened wires (audio signals and powering) and 2 unscreened wires (control and data signals). An extended call station can be connected using either two of the cables mentioned above.

LBB 1283/00 - Philips SM30 Call Station Input Module

Bosch SM30 Microphone Input Module LBB 1282/00
Each microphone input module allows two high quality hypercardiod or dynamic microphones to be connected to the control centre. In total up to 3 microphone Input modules and/or call station input modules may be used.

- remote switching function
- input selection
- bass-cut facility
- gain control

LBB 1282/00 - Philips SM30 Microphone Input Module

Philips SM30 Control Input Module LBB 1284/00
Each control input module allows 8 remote make contacts to be connected to the control centre.

Up to 3 control input modules can be installed in the basic system, allowing a total of 24 contacts to be used. In extended systems an additional 3 control input modules can be installed. When a remote contact close, the SM30 system starts a series of pre programmed actions:

LBB 1284/00- Philips SM30 Control Input Module

Philips SM30 Recorded Message Module LBB 1285/00
A unique feature of the SM30 system is its recorded message module, which allows up to 4 individual messages to be recorded and played back as desired. The SM30 system can be programmed so that a message is played back either alone, or preceding a call.

- microphone input
- automatic gain control
- headphone monitoring
- output volume control
- message recording


The recording is digitally stored in memory chips ensuring that the quality will not deteriorate for as long as the message is in memory. If the power of the Control centre is switched off, a back-up battery mounted onto the module will enable the message to remain intact for up to 30 days.

The maximum total recording time is 65 seconds and up to 4 messages of varying duration may be recorded, as long as the sum of the durations does not exceed the maximum recording time. A bandwidth of 6KHZ ensures optimal speech intelligibility.

LBB 1285/00 - Philips SM30 Recorded Message Module

Philips Music Input Module LBB 1286/00
An important feature of the Philips SM30 system is the ability to play uninterrupted music, even though the system is handling a call routed to other loudspeaker zones. This module enables 3 independent music sources to be connected to the Control Centre.

- music source inputs
- input volume controls
- treble and bass toe control
- music control

LBB 1286/00 - Philips SM30 Music Input Module

Philips SM30 Zone Relay Module LBB 1287/00
The Philips SQ45 amplifier output signals return to the inputs of the Zone Relay Module. The relays on this module can be programmed to route the amplified call and music signals to 6 separate loudspeaker zones. Up to 3 modules can be installed in the basic control centre, giving the Philips SM30 system the capacity to route calls and/or music to 18 loudspeaker zones.

In extended systems an additional 3 modules can be installed in the module frame, to route calls and/or music to an extra 18 loudspeaker zones. Coupling zone relay modules - The inputs of the modules may be linked together to the outputs of the amplifier so that one amplifier can feed up to 36 loudspeaker zones (maximum)

LBB 1287/00 - Philips SM30 Zone Relay Module

Philips SM30 Control Relay Module LBB 1288/00
The control relay module contains 12 relays to be programmed separately. It provides the SM30 system with a set of make and/or break contacts for use with volume override applications, starting remote equipment, such as cassette players, message loggers etc… to activate signaling and warning lamps, to release fire door relays etc. Relays 1 to 8 have both make and break contacts. Relays 9 to 12 have make contacts only.

In extended systems using the Philips SM30 Module Frame LBB 1291/40 up to two additional control relay modules can be installed, providing a system with up to a maximum of 36 output contacts.

LBB 1288/00 - Philips SM30 Control Relay Module

Philips SM30 Condensor Microphones
LBB 9517/00 and LBB 9520/00

Condensor microphone LBB 9517/00 is a cardiod microphone for desktop use with gooseneck, including a LED indicator and a 3-position on/off microphone switch.

Condensor microphone LBB 9520/00 is a hand held cardiod noise canceling microphone for close talking purposes.

LBB 9517/00 - Philips SM30 cardiod condensor microphone
LBB 9520/00 - Philips SM30 hand held condensor microphone

Philips SM30 Dynamic microphones
LBB 9094/00 and LBB 9090/00

Dynamic microphone LBB 9094 is a uni-directional microphone with gooseneck mounted on a table stand.

Dynamic microphone LBB 9090 is a hand-held omni-directional microphone for close talking purposes

LBB 9094/00 - Philips SM30 uni-directional dynamic microphone
LBB 9090/00 - Philips SM30 hand held omni directional dynamic microphone

Philips SM40 Surveillance Centre 1350/30
The SM40 is designed to monitor the status of amplifiers and loudspeakers and cabling in large PA systems which play a key role in alarm and evacuation.

On detection of a malfunction, error messages are generated automatically giving the precise time and location of the fault. These messages can either be relayed to the system's LCD display or sent to an external printer for a permanent hard copy of malfunctions. The messages can also be linked to warning lamps, buzzers or personal paging units, alerting security and maintenance personnel.

A pilot tone signal is generated, which is inserted into the test inputs of Philips SQ45 amplifiers. All SM40 surveillance centres are built around the LBB 1370 Basic (starter) system, which is able to sequentially scan 8 test lines each containing upto 128 monitoring devices. The single 19 inch rack frame holds up to 9 circuit cards (Basic system plus 5 cards). An SM40 Extension Frame LBB 1360 is available to expand the system.
LBB 1370 - Philips SM40 basic surveillance system (BR)
LBB 1360 - Philips SM40 Extension frame (EF)
LBB 1369 - Philips SM40 Pilot-tone generator card (PGC)
LBB 1374 - Philips SM40 Surveillance switch card (SSC)
LBB 1367 - Philips SM40 Loudspeaker surveillance board (LSB)
LBB 1368 - Philips SM40 Amplifier surveillance board (ASB)
LBB 1356 - Philips SM40 Control relay card (CRC)
LBB 1377 - Philips SM40 Termination board (TB)
Philips SM40 surveillance system - datasheet
Philips SM40 surveillance system - user manual
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