Philips SM30 legacy public address system
Overview of the Philips SM30 public address system

The Philips SM30 public address sound distribution system comprises a Control Centre with a range of optional Modules and Call Stations to suit your requirements, see our Philips SM30 parts list for detailed information about each part.

Main equipment:  
Philips SM30 Basic Control Centre LBB 1280/40
Philips SM30 module frame for extended systems LBB 1291/40
Philips SM30 set of slot blanking plates LBB 1292/00
Philips SM30 top cover plate for table top use LBB 1349/30
The optional modules are:  
Microphone input modules LBB 1282/00
Call station input modules LBB 1283/00
Control input module LBB 1284/00
Recorded message module LBB 1285/00
Music input module LBB 1286/10
Zone relay module LBB 1287/00
Control relay module LBB 1288/00
The optional accessories are:  
Call station (18 zones) LBB 9568/30
Call station (36 zones) LBB 9568/36
Microphones LBB 9517/00
  LBB 9520/00
  LBB 9094/00
  LBB 9090/00
Philips SQ40 and SQ45 power amplifiers
In addition, a range of Power amplifiers (see SQ40 and SQ45 power amplifiers) feed the loudspeakers located in geographical and/or functional zones where people must be reached with background music, announcements, pre-recorded messages and alarm signals.

The SM30 system is designed to handle calls and music simultaneously by using a two-channel amplifiers system. When a call is made to a particular zone or combination of zones, music playing remaining zones will not be interrupted.

A system of priorities has been developed to cope with conflict situations. For example, when a person attempts to make a call when another call is being made by someone with a higher priority, the new call will not be switched through.

Choice of inputs

The SM30 system can be fed by input signals from call stations, microphones, music sources and a built-in prerecorded messages card.

The routing of an input signal is started by pushing a Numeric Keypad key or Function Key on a Call Station, closing a built-in microphone switch or closing a contact of a remote detector device.

Maximum configuration
A maximum configuration of the SM30 system contains up to six Call Stations and a maximum of 18 loudspeaker zones, or 3 Call Stations and up to 36 loudspeaker zones to be selected individually.
The SM30 was designed for medium-large sized public address applications and many legacy systems are currently installed in public spaces like government buildings, recreational areas and ships.

While the Philips SM30 and its associated parts are no longer manufactured we do offer simple and cost effective Bosch solutions for users wishing to upgrade their SM30 system, see upgrading your SM30.
Philips SM30 public address system - datasheet
Philips SM30 public address system - user manual
Philips SM40 sound management system - datasheet
Philips SM40 sound management system - user manual
Philips SQ45 amplifier - datasheet
Philips SQ45 amplifier - user manual
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